My Specific Secrets To Staying Fit And Managing Scoliosis Naturally!
How I Still Thrive With A 75 Degree Curve
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5 years of fitness experience and a lifetime with scoliosis...
learn how I not only manage but thrive in the gym!
Mindset tips and how I stay confident with my Scoliosis
Exercises and stretches to help relieve pain and stiffness
 Fitness tips and core/ab workouts
Nutrition and supplement recommendations

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As someone who personally deals with Scoliosis and being a N.A.S.M certified personal trainer, I felt a strong desire to help people in this area. Many people suffer from Scoliosis, but I don't believe they have to. This Ebook is something I strongly believe can help those with Scoliosis one way or another. In this Ebook I share my secrets to staying healthy, confident and virtually pain free.

"The editors at the famous publication, The Daily Mail, reached out to me from my Instagram and asked to do a full fledged feature on my story. It was such an honor to share with them and their following of readers that no matter what challenges you face in life, you absolutely can overcome them and use those experiences for good!"
-Hayley Wakefield
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Beneficial supplements

"There are tons of great supplements out there (and some not so great ones). When choosing a supplement you also have to be choosy with the brands you go with. 
I have discovered over the years some great supplements for people with Scoliosis.
They will even help you with area aspects of your health which is just an added bonus!"


"One of the biggest tips I could ever give you is about comparison. It's something that is so common, especially today with social media. We look at the highlights of peoples lives, the great parts that they CHOOSE to share (leaving out the ugly parts) and that's what we are comparing ourselves to."


 "Living a sedentary life can cause back problems for not only people with scoliosis, but even just the average person. Our muscles and bones were not meant to be still and
seated all day every day."
And So Much More....

You are only limited by the story you tell yourself!
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